A Pasta Kidz



Meet the kidz!

Here are Sarah Spaghetti and Marc Macaroni who feature in this, the very first adventure of ‘The Pasta Kidz™ & Petz’. Below them are the rest of the gang who feature in future stories.

Spaga Spoodle Spo! (Hello!).
I am Sarah Spaghetti.

Maca MoodleMo!
I am Marc Macaroni.

Vermi Voodle Vo!
I’m Victor Vermicelli

Lasa Loodle Lo!
I’m Lola Lasagne

Cana Coodle Co!
I’m Camilla Cannelloni

Pasta Ball

I’m the Pastaball and
you cant stop me!

Ravi Roodle Ro!
I’m Rikki Ravioli.

Fusi Foodle Fo!
I’m Felix Fusilli!